Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners in 2022!!

The question:

If we try to put all the career options together on a single table, Information Technology is going to be the favorite horse.

Programming is among some of the professions that were not even affected by Covid pandemic. Not only the field was unaffected but also even showed more growth than in any other period.

For the same reason, more and more beginners search for giving a kickstart o their career in the IT industry. Although IT has a huge scope for everyone yet, the most important part is how to start your career.

Moreover, in the present time, there are a wide variety of languages and frameworks that claims easy to learn and trendier. So, if you are a beginner and looking for the right career choice. The following article is surely going to help you. Let’s discuss the top 5 language picks to learn for beginners.

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners in 2022!!

1. Python

Python is the favorite programming language of the starters. Not only does code written in Python seems easy to understand but also it becomes easy to interact with the systems. Even the IT mammoths like Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify are providing opportunities to Python coders.

On the other hand, Python offers a wide number of libraries and frameworks that increases the usability of the programming languages. Moreover, over 80% of beginners love to start their careers with Python more than other technologies.

Also, if you are a Java or C programmer then also learning Python should be on your next to-do list. Where coders use Python mostly in web and app development. Along with other uses, Python is the first choice for machine learning and AI.

If you are looking for going into a business analyst, or data scientist profession, you can give your career a start with the basics of Python.

2. PHP

If you are willing to start web development projects then there is no better option than PHP. Although the PHP framework is a bit old and has coding complexity issues, PHP is considered one of the best web-end languages.

Moreover, you can also migrate PHP with HTML to design lucrative web pages. Along with all the other pros, PHP is recognized as a highly secure language against threads and cyber fraud.

Recently PHP got geared up after the popularity of Laravel. With the help of Laravel, programmers can interact with web pages and can take joy from the easy-to-use coding syntax.

Thus, if you are willing to start web development projects, PHP is the language you can count on.

3. C#

If you want to take your career further with an interesting profession, C# is specially designed for you. Introduced by Microsoft in 2000, C# is the most used language for game development.

Not only the coders can design incredible graphics with C# but also, the language is known for desktop and mobile app development.

C# is a .NET framework and shows proper usability integration with .NET libraries.

Even the top brands such as Microsoft, Accenture, Stack Overflow, and Alibaba are using C# because of its user-friendly code syntax.

Starting a project for game development with C# is going to be the perfect pick even for beginners.

4. Java

How can we leave Java behind while discussing the perfect choice for beginners? Even though programmers claim that Java is a hard nut to crack for beginners, most starters choose to go with Java.

Not only you can use Java in web development. But also, there are a wide number of fields where Java proves itself the best option. Instance, you can use Java in web app development, mobile app development, AI, cloud applications, and much more to explore.

Java is also considered one of the safest languages along with being platform-independent. Although you will have to write more code for making the logic yet Java has capabilities to handle bigger projects.

Undoubtedly, Java has wide opportunities for developers because of its multi-purpose usability.

5. JavaScript

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn for Beginners in 2022!!

JavaScript is a well-known name in the IT industry. You may find a rare firm where JavaScript is not used.

It is a scripting language that allows coders to design well-maintained front pages on the client side. The coding community claims JavaScript to be the most readable and productive language.

JavaScript does not only provide input validation features but also is a platform-independent language. Even Microsoft, Uber, Google, PayPal, and more major players find JavaScript relevant for their projects.

Learning JavaScript in the very early stage of your development journey is the best thing you can do with your knowledge base.

Wrapping Up

We have tried to narrow down the best Programming Language choices for 2022. Although these are not the only options to start a career with, yet, one can easily start learning this technology for a better career in IT.

Moreover, on another hand, if you want to be a Mobile App developer, you can start your journey with Dart and complete it afterward with Flutter.

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