Upstart on Debian?

I created an upstart script in Ubuntu, thinking it would be the same for Debian. But Debian doesn’t have a /etc/init folder that Ubuntu has. I went to the upstart download page and seeing that they have packages, did a apt-get install upstart, but it asks to remove sysvinit, which I know will/might screw up my system. So how do I make my Ubuntu script work on Debian?

How is the order in which tar works on files determined?

The question: $ touch dir/{{1..8},{a..p}} $ tar cJvf file.tar.xz dir/ dir/ dir/o dir/k dir/b dir/3 dir/1 dir/i dir/7 dir/4 dir/e dir/a dir/g dir/2 dir/d dir/5 dir/8 dir/c dir/n dir/f dir/h dir/6 dir/l dir/m dir/j dir/p I would have expected it to be alphabetical. But apparently it’s not. What’s the formula, here? The Solutions: Below are … Read more