Ubuntu 18.04 gets stuck on under heavy I/O load

I have 2 nodes which are connected to a shared storage (3Par) with FC. I have 32 virtual volumes exported to the nodes. I use volumes (formatted as ocfs2) as minio back-ends. So lots of small files will be stored in them. When I try to migrate the data from another minio into this minio, which uses FC volumes Ubuntu crashes. When I checked the results of dmesg I saw these lines:

how to figure out the current used bluetooth firmware

i am currently on an Ubuntu Touch device and try to figure out if a firmware update of bluetooth worked out. How do I get to know the right command to figure out the bluetooth firmware. dmesg shows too much and lspci doesn’t exist as a command. Is there a way to easily display just a short line that states my bluetooth firmware? Thanks in advance!