How to export font information for a specific PSD file for use in writing CSS

I’m doing front-end dev, so this question comes from that perspective. When I receive a .psd I manually go through each font in the design, click on it, then use the character panel to get the font, color, size, kerning, etc. Sometimes, I get a design that uses several different fonts (4+) with many variations of the same font (size, color, weight, etc.). This is pretty tedious work… Is there anyway that Photoshop can export a list of all the used fonts and their variations? For example, a list like:

Triangle Pattern Background in Freeware

I am a webpage creator and I´d like to give my webpage a nice graphical twist by using traingle-patterns in the background. I´ve seen this on many other webpages before (for example this one) and I know I could to this with software like Photoshop. But, as I´m not very engaged in the graphic design branch, I haven´t purchased any software for this and I´m not planning on doing so. So, does anybody know how to do these triangle patterns in a free software like Inkscape or Gimp?