Managing scheduled tasks

I want users of my plugin to be able to define whether a task operates daily, twice daily, hourly or not at all as per the standard WP set-up. I’m storing these as ‘daily’, ‘twicedaily’, ‘hourly’ or ” in the option obr_scheduled_interval.

Bulk updating a group of WordPress Pages every 10 minutes

I need to bulk update 86 specific WordPress Pages every 10 minutes, with the term updating I mean the same thing as clicking the Blue Update Button on each page, and having them all update at the same time every 10 minutes. I guess I need to write a function into my theme functions.php file, and maybe trigger the function every 10 minutes with the help of the plugin WP Crontrol, or maybe using the Cron in cPanel. I’m a beginner and can’t code php, how can I do this? Thank you.