Approach for saving a product attribute values with a custom UI in a woocommerce+dokan set up

The question: I’m learning to build a woocommerce+dokan website. When a store owner signs into my platform, they can enter a product they wish to sell. One of the options I want the store owner to describe about their product is its condition as either Never used, Lightly used, Used, or Heavily used. I am … Read more

Can’t filter out variable products in sale from wp_get_products loop (or shortcode)

The question: I’m trying to filter out all products in sale from a WooCommerce loop. So the goal is to create a loop of products that are new, but doesn’t contain sale products. The problem is that the products are all variable products. I’ve tried using regular shortcodes and now I’m trying to achieve this … Read more

Woocommerce : Add name filed of checkout page to buyers wordpress display name

We use woocommmerce to sell online courses. also we use a plugin called “Digits” to help users easily login/register using only their mobile phone numbers and OTP sent to them as sms. So the login/register in our website, just requires entering mobile phone number (no name filed for registeration).