Good translation (manually) software

The question: I’m looking for a good translation software. i do not mean something that does all the translation automatically for me. But rather something that aids me in translating large pieces of text, since it has to be a perfect translation i can’t leave it to computers alone. Something like but with more … Read more

i18n with gettext but without the locale hassle?

I am looking for a standards-compliant way to store multi-language content for a Web Application. Until now, I have employed my own “translate()” functions that read data from a file or a dictionary table in a database. However, keeping the dictionaries up to date in a database table is very cumbersome if you work with different copies of the web app.

AngularJS translate with UI Router

I have an application built with Angularjs using Angularjs Translate library –, and I have set it up with UI router because the current website has already been indexed by google with language versions like and I need to keep the same URL structure. The website has over 30 languages but it is a SPA (Single Page Application).