Global search box in angular

I want to implement a search box that changes what it searches based on whichever controller is being used. If you are on the “posts” view it will search the posts api, if you are on the videos view, it searches the videos api. It seems the search box would need its own controller maybe. I’m pretty sure I need to inject a search service into all the model controllers but I’m not exactly sure how to change the url it searches or tie the input to the different controller scopes.

Testing Escaped Fragment Search with Webmaster Tools

My site is in AngularJS, so I recently created HTML snapshots of all my content, added the escaped fragment tag to the head of all my pages (meta name=”fragment” content=”!”), and then tried to test to see if the new setup was working in Webmaster Tools. When I look in the source I see the escaped fragment (however, it’s inverted) (meta content=”!” name=”fragment”). I’m not sure why that’s happening or if that matters…