remove custom taxonomy metabox form custom post type

I have created a custom post type ‘hotel’ and custom ‘taxonomy’ so when administrator creates a new hotel and saves it it related custom taxonomy automatically get created but I don’t want to show custom metabox in the admin side hotel edit page so for that I used WordPress function but nothing happen.

WordPress plugin update not showing on

The question: I have been maintaining this plugin since quite some time… But on releasing v5.1.0 update is not showing even after about 20 hours (at the time of writing this)… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong… This is my trunk readme.txt (I have correct Stable tag specified) This is my tagged … Read more

Is there a way to share content amongst wordpress sites

We have a set of five health blogs which have been running for about six months. Other than using the same theme (styled slightly differently for each one), they are currently completely separate. We are now trying to figure out how best to combine them into a “network” of blogs. Note: this doesn’t have to mean WPMU, the aim is more: