remove custom taxonomy metabox form custom post type

I have created a custom post type ‘hotel’ and custom ‘taxonomy’ so when administrator creates a new hotel and saves it it related custom taxonomy automatically get created but I don’t want to show custom metabox in the admin side hotel edit page so for that I used WordPress function but nothing happen.

How can I hook into existing WordPress Bulk actions?

I am creating a plugin which syncs both standard WP data and custom fields within a custom meta box on post edit pages, to an external resource using SQL queries. However my functions are currently only working when managing single posts and I am trying to add support for existing bulk actions (Move to Trash, Restore From Trash, and Edit). Right now my sync function is hooked into save_post and I have added support for deleting from my external resource using ‘wp_trash_post’ and reinserting using ‘untrashed_post’ (although the this only works when clicking Restore from within the Trash, and not when clicking Undo in the admin notice after Trashing). Here is the code which is located in the __construct for my add metabox class: