Placing google maps into a wordpress page using the wordpress page editor

I’m creating a website for a restaurant, I have working code that does what I want. Displays a map. Under the map, I’ve a form with two inputs. The first input allows someone to specify where they want directions from and the second input is already filled out, it’s set as the location of the restaurant. On submit, the directions are displayed on the same page. My problem is, the code works fine on a simple html page, but when I try to add the code to a page with the WordPress admin panel using the text tab in edit page, the map displays, but form doesn’t seem to be working.

Upload multiple images in a custom metabox

I am new to theme development. I am trying to create a custom metabox that has the ability to upload a image. I am doing this on a page not a post. I want to output the images (multiple) onto the page in a unordered list. I have attempted to use WP alchemy, and I can only get as far as getting the metabox to show up but I have no idea on how to output the imgurl to the page. Is there a better way to upload multiple images to a page which is easy for a client and doesn’t add images to the content editor (I just think it isn’t user friendly) and then output them to a page in a unordered list. Some advice please.

Is it possible to manipulate the list of page templates?

After answering this question I wondered if it is possible to manipulate the dropdown list of possible page templates that’s available when you edit a page. WordPress derives this list from the template files available in the root directory (like page.php, page-onecolumn.php, page-about-us.php). It doesn´t seem to store the list in the database.