Scroll to top of div in AngularJS?

I am using AngularJS for a small web app and have encountered a problem. I am using ng-repeat to populate a list inside of a div. The div has a fixed height and is set to overflow-y: auto, meaning a scroll bar appears when the list is too big for the div. My problem is that when the list gets re-drawn, i.e. the data backing ng-repeat changes, the scroll bar does not reset to the top of the div. Instead, it stays at whatever position the scroll bar was at before the ng-repeat change. This is a very poor user experience. I’ve tried the following without any luck:

How to create an angularJs wrapper directive for a ui-bootstrap datepicker?

I am using the ui.bootstrap.datepicker directive to display some date field. However most of the time I need the same setup: I want it to come along with a popup and a popup button and also I want German names for the texts. That does create the same code for the button and the texts and the formatting over and over again, so I wrote my own directive to prevent myself from repeating myself.