Automatically resize picture/image in Word?

I’m using Microsoft Word 2007. I have several large screenshots that need to be inserted into the document at various places. When I paste the pictures, I have to manually resize them to fit within the margins of the document. This takes up too much of my time. I tried batch resizing the images before inserting them, so they were the right size, but it appears Word uses a higher dpi when printing, so those pictures came out blurry compared to the ones resized within Word.

What software works well for viewing massive TIFF images on Windows 7?

The question: Today I saw an article about a half-gig, 24000 square-pixel high-res composite image of the moon. (This is a much smaller version of the image) I find astronomy interesting, so I thought I’d download it and take a look. With 4GB of RAM and an i5 processor, I figured my computer could handle … Read more