How to decrypt zipped data in MSSQL table

The question: We’re trying to import (reverse engineer) some data from someone else’s MS SQL database, without any vendor support. In the past the data has been stored in either plain text or RTF so easy to extract. But this database has some ‘encrypted’ looking content. Where data is in this format there is another … Read more

How do I generate the private key needed to restore the encrypted backup?

I’m simulating the situation where I take a backup from instance A and restore it on instance B. I followed the doc to Backup to Disk with Encryption. Since I’m using only my desktop to simulate the whole process, after taking the backup of the database I took a backup of the certificate that was used as follows:

Why does my SSD internally encrypt data, even without a password set?

Recently I had an SSD fail and am attempting to do a data recovery. The data recovery company tells us that it is complicated because the build-in drive controller uses encryption. I presume this to mean that when it writes data to the memory chips it stores it in an encrypted format on the chips. If this is true, why on earth would they do that?

How can clients easily and securely send me passwords?

The question: I often need to get passwords from clients for FTP, SSH, MySQL,, etc. What’s an easy way for them to send me passwords securely? Maybe even without them needing a login/password? Encrypted IM sessions are a hassle to set up with non-techies. Phone calls break up my concentration and require arranging. (Are … Read more