Is this insecure to show in cookie Google Tag?

While researching one site, I found that if you enter document.cookie (Firefox) I can see this filed in cookie _gat_gtag_UA_XXXXXXXXX_1=1. There were plain text. As I know gtag is for Google Tag Manager. I was using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in my projects too. So, isn’t is insecure to show such data as Google Tags or Google Analytics IDs as a plain text?

Does the “post/redirect/get” pattern create security problems?

My understanding of Post-Redirect-Get so far is not very deep. I’ve used it a couple of times now. What I notice, though, is that when I use it, I am sending a rather private token of some sort to the last page in the GET request. It is a token that allows the server to respond with information about the just-completed transaction. The way I’m using it is:

Final-Mile Shipping Company Wants Customer Email Address – PCI Compliance Issue? (United States)

My company ships very large, very heavy products to the homes of everyday consumers (think big home renovation materials). Currently, we provide the customer’s name, shipping address, and phone number to the factory. The factory then provides that information to a freight company who will then provides it to a final-mile delivery company.