SQL Server / SSMS taking up lots of disk space

I installed SQL Server + SSMS for my univ class and ever since then my disk space is going missing (every so often, approx. 3 gb of space goes missing). I strongly suspect SQL Server and/or SSMS to be at fault (since it only happened after I installed them), however I have no idea how to track down that missing space. Is it doing massive amounts of logging? Backups? No idea.

Does UPDATE write a new row version for unchanged, TOASTed values?

I am working with a PostgreSQL table with a large TEXT field, which is theoretically updated on a regular basis. I have thought about storing the data directly in the filesystem, but with TOAST, the data is already being stored off-page and compressed in the database so I figured I would keep things simple and just use the database storage.

Is there a way for Windows 7 to show remaining disk space in the status bar?

This is really driving me nuts. I do a lot of moving media files to and from USB drives, and I am constantly looking to the status bar to see how much remaining space I have on a drive. It’s quick, and doesn’t involve any clicking. At least, that’s what I used to do using Windows XP. Is there a way to get the status bar in Windows 7 to behave in the same way?