Debug whats going on inside a function called from AJAX

I have a link on my post edit page (admin side) that calls up AJAX and jQuery to run a function inside my functions.php page. The link is wired up and calling the jQuery but I can’t seem to debug whats going on inside my function thats being called from jQuery. I want the clicked link to delete custom metadata for the post (it is a custom post type) and then delete a file.

What is the proper way of debugging a slow Windows installation?

You know the drill – you’ve been asked to check why your cousin’s computer is running slow.
I was right there yesterday. Being a Mac user since 2007 I haven’t really dug deep in Windows internals in the past five years. Googling for answers reveals many, many different answers: broken registry, spyware, antivirus program, fragmented disk, turning of visual effects etc.

Diagnosing slow Excel spreadsheets?

A client contacted me, complaining of Excel spreadsheets that were taking far too long to open. They use Excel for creating invoices, so they have hundreds of Excel spreadsheets with light formatting and very simple calculations. When sorting the spreadsheets by size, I saw that while most of the spreadsheets ranged from 10-250k, there were a handful of spreadsheets with filesizes of 2-3 MB and more. Oddly, the filesizes weren’t huge, they aren’t holding much data, just a bit of formatting, maybe two or three pages of printed invoices, but they amount of data was almost identical to the smaller sized (and normal opening) spreadsheets.