Apply the_title filter to post titles AND backend auto social-sharing plugin, but not nav menu

The question: The Challenge I have been trying to write a filter that applies (prepends a string) to (a) post titles of a certain post type and (b) to that same post type WordPress admin backend for use by an auto social sharing plugin. I’ve gotten really close. I’ve achieved: 1. prepending only to custom … Read more

Conditional secondary menus

I have a main menu of 3 items, and for each of these I have a different secondary menu. I would like to show the related secondary menu on each page.
I currently used is_page with slug. I will need to add wpml, so each page will have more slugs. I would like to ask if you can suggest me a cleaner and more maintainable solution.
This is what I did at the moment:

How to: Conditionally Enqueue JS and Stylesheets, for Custom Post Type (Single and Archive Templates)

I’ve created a plugin for my child theme, in which custom functions are stored. Additionally, within the plugin, I’m also enqueueing stylesheets and .js which control the output of two templates, for a custom post type named workshops. (The only place on the site where the enqueued styles and .js are needed.)