What is the best way to set AngularJS $provide.constant values from a C# MVC Model?

I have an AngularJS application with a .NET MVC/WebAPI backend. I have one MVC action that serves up my main HTML page that loads my AngularJS app. This MVC action loads several application settings from the Web.config as well as the database and returns them to the view as a model. I’m looking for a good way to set those MVC Model values as $provide.constant values in my AngularJS .config method.

Basic Authentication via Angular, why is this throwing error 401

I have an Angular application that I’m trying to authenticate with Basic authentication to my REST service. I’m adding the authorization header with the corresponding “Base {username:password}” encoded in base64 and I’m calling my rest api but keep getting back a 401. I’m obviously missing a step here…

How to set up a ASP.NET API / AngularJS project

I am starting my own Angular web application. I have experience coding in c# and angular but I have never had to set up my own project/solution. In this case, I would like to set up an ASP.NET Web API that will communicate to an Angular SPA front end in JSON (although it should be agnostic to the front end, any application that speaks JSON should be able to communicate with it).