ionic framework sync data and work offline

I’m developing an app using ionic framework, and it will fetch some data from an API which was built using laravel, save it in a database so when the user is offline he can continue use the app, I did a little research on the internet and found a plugin called pouchDB, is it recommended for what I need? what is the best way to do it?

How to login with Google OAuth2 using Angularjs inside Phonegap using ClientID and ClientSecret

I am trying to login from my Phonegap App using Angularjs (using the Ionic Framework) through Google OAuth2. Currently I am using the for logging in. But it is creating really ugly looking code and quite a hard to understand code when I am using Angular-UI-Router for Ionic.

HTML5 mode with Phonegap and AngularJS

I’m trying to make AngularJS html5 mode (true) works with Phonegap.
I did a lot of search before to post this, I tried different combination of
configurations, adding the <base/> tag in meta ( also tried with <base href=”” />, <base href=”/” /> and <base href=”/” target=”_self” /> ),
adding the .html suffix to route endpoints,adding the $delegate.history = false (like follow) inside the .config block

Cordova Angular Get to Web Api Connection Refused

I am using Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and I have a web api project setup to receive get requests that returns an array. For the client app I have setup cordova and am emulating an android angular app using ng-resource to call the web api get. Everytime I call the GET I get a ripple.js error that says connection refused. I get the connection refused even if I try with a real android device as well. Here is the error when using the ripple emulator