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The question:

I am trying to find out how I can control how an excerpt is displayed using PHP. How do I get it to render the html spacing within the post instead of just showing one big paragraph.Hope that makes sense.

Let me give you an example.

So my client has syndicated post and at the top of each post he wants to include a hyperlink to the actual author . Then there needs to be a line break then the actual excerpt of the content under it. Currently the excerpt just shows everything as one paragraph.

I have managed to enter some php code to render the hyperlink in the excerpt but stuck on how to not let the excerpt strip the spacing.

The Solutions:

Below are the methods you can try. The first solution is probably the best. Try others if the first one doesn’t work. Senior developers aren’t just copying/pasting – they read the methods carefully & apply them wisely to each case.

Method 1

The excerpt stips all html tags, a feature that frustrates many. I have written a custom excerpt that stops the excerpt from stipping any html tags. It also breaks the excerpt after the sentence after the set amount of words. If you need to cut the excerpt at exact words, you will just need to modify my code.

You will first need to remove the original excerpt, and then register the new excerpt. To do this, add the following code in your functions.php

remove_filter('get_the_excerpt', 'wp_trim_excerpt');
add_filter('get_the_excerpt', 'pietergoosen_custom_wp_trim_excerpt'); 

Now for the custom excerpt. Add this below the code above

function pietergoosen_custom_wp_trim_excerpt($pietergoosen_excerpt) {
    global $post;
    $raw_excerpt = $pietergoosen_excerpt;
        if ( '' == $pietergoosen_excerpt ) {

            $pietergoosen_excerpt = get_the_content('');
            $pietergoosen_excerpt = strip_shortcodes( $pietergoosen_excerpt );
            $pietergoosen_excerpt = apply_filters('the_content', $pietergoosen_excerpt);
            $pietergoosen_excerpt = str_replace(']]>', ']]>', $pietergoosen_excerpt);

            //Set the excerpt word count and only break after sentence is complete.
                $excerpt_word_count = 75;
                $excerpt_length = apply_filters('excerpt_length', $excerpt_word_count); 
                $tokens = array();
                $excerptOutput = '';
                $count = 0;

                // Divide the string into tokens; HTML tags, or words, followed by any whitespace
                preg_match_all('/(<[^>]+>|[^<>s]+)s*/u', $pietergoosen_excerpt, $tokens);

                foreach ($tokens[0] as $token) { 

                    if ($count >= $excerpt_word_count && preg_match('/[?.!]s*$/uS', $token)) { 
                    // Limit reached, continue until ? . or ! occur at the end
                        $excerptOutput .= trim($token);

                    // Add words to complete sentence

                    // Append what's left of the token
                    $excerptOutput .= $token;

            $pietergoosen_excerpt = trim(force_balance_tags($excerptOutput));

                $excerpt_end = ' <a href="'. esc_url( get_permalink() ) . '" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">' . '&nbsp;&raquo;&nbsp;' . sprintf(__( 'Read more about: %s &nbsp;&raquo;', 'pietergoosen' ), get_the_title()) . '</a>'; 
                $excerpt_more = apply_filters('excerpt_more', ' ' . $excerpt_end); 

                $pos = strrpos($pietergoosen_excerpt, '</');
                if ($pos !== false)
                // Inside last HTML tag
                $pietergoosen_excerpt = substr_replace($pietergoosen_excerpt, $excerpt_end, $pos, 0);
                // After the content
                $pietergoosen_excerpt .= $excerpt_end;

            return $pietergoosen_excerpt;   

        return apply_filters('pietergoosen_custom_wp_trim_excerpt', $pietergoosen_excerpt, $raw_excerpt);

If you need just specific tags, you can use the code below. Just add the code below, and the delete the tags that you need stripped.

function pietergoosen_get_allowedtags() {
// Add custom tags to this string that will be used as allowed tags
    return '<head>,<title>,<base>,<link>,<meta>,<style>,<script>,<noscript>,<body>,<section>,<nav>,
    <object>,<param>,<video> ,<audio>,<source>,<track>,<canvas>,<map>,<area>,<svg>,<math>,<table>,

Just add this line $pietergoosen_excerpt = strip_tags($pietergoosen_excerpt, pietergoosen_get_allowedtags()); below this line $pietergoosen_excerpt = str_replace(']]>', ']]&gt;', $pietergoosen_excerpt);

Hope this will help you

Method 2

The function wpautop automatically converts linebreaks to paragraph tags. Assuming your CSS-styling is set up correctly, you can apply wpautop to any text with newlines and WordPress will automatically add paragraph tags.

wpautop is automatically added as a filter to the_excerpt, so this should actually be doen by default. Could you post the code you’re using to display the excerpt?

All methods was sourced from or, is licensed under cc by-sa 2.5, cc by-sa 3.0 and cc by-sa 4.0

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