Multiple Custom_Background, is it possible?

The question:

Is it possible to create multiple “custom background” administration pages? A site I’m doing now needs 2 different background in 2 different areas, I would really love giving my client the same experience for both backgrounds in terms of colour/image/select-repeat etc.
Any Ideas?

The Solutions:

Below are the methods you can try. The first solution is probably the best. Try others if the first one doesn’t work. Senior developers aren’t just copying/pasting – they read the methods carefully & apply them wisely to each case.

Method 1

Hi @Amit:

The answer is “Yes, it is possible.” The follow up question is “Do you really want to?”

I thought it would be fun to see if I could build a plugin to do what you are asking for so I decided to see if it was possible. Of course I was able to make it work but I fear that the plugin code I wrote needs to be so tightly coupled with the existing code in WordPress that it might easily break on a core update.

This code handles all the admin console side of things by creating a new menu item in the Appearance section called “Special Background.” What it does not do is provide any way to actually use the background; that’s phase two of the plugin and will require hooking many of the functions in /wp-includes/themes.php and frankly I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to write that code.

The reason I stopped without doing it is I didn’t know the requirements for where the special background should show and where the regular one would show. I assume maybe for selected pages and/or URL paths?

Nonetheless, here if the code for the plugin (which you can also download from gist):

Plugin Name: Special Background
Plugin URI:
Description: Example to show how to add a special background using exiting background admin page in core.
Version: 0.1
Author: Mike Schinkel
Author URI:
function add_special_background_menu_item() {
    add_theme_page(__('Special Background'), __('Special Background'),'edit_theme_options','special-background','special_background_admin_page');
function add_js_for_special_background() {
    global $custom_background;
    if (is_special_background_page()) {
    $hook = 'load-appearance_page_special-background';
    add_action($hook, array(&$custom_background, 'admin_load'));
    add_action($hook, array(&$custom_background, 'take_action'), 49);
    add_action($hook, array(&$custom_background, 'handle_upload'), 49);    
add_filter('theme_mod_background_image',      'theme_mod_special_background_image');
add_filter('theme_mod_background_repeat',     'theme_mod_special_background_repeat');
add_filter('theme_mod_background_position_x', 'theme_mod_special_background_position_x');
add_filter('theme_mod_background_attachment', 'theme_mod_special_background_attachment');
add_filter('theme_mod_background_color',      'theme_mod_special_background_color');
function theme_mod_special_background_image($defaults) {
    return theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs('image',$defaults);
function theme_mod_special_background_image_thumb($defaults) {
    return theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs('image_thumb',$defaults);
function theme_mod_special_background_repeat($defaults) {
    return theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs('repeat',$defaults);
function theme_mod_special_background_position_x($defaults) {
    return theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs('position_x',$defaults);
function theme_mod_special_background_attachment($defaults) {
    return theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs('attachment',$defaults);
function theme_mod_special_background_color($defaults) {
    return theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs('color',$defaults);
function theme_mod_special_background_image_attrs($attr,$defaults) {
    if (is_special_background_page()) {
        $mods = get_option( 'mods_' . get_current_theme() );
        $defaults = (!empty($mods["special_background_{$attr}"]) ? $mods["special_background_{$attr}"] : '');
    return $defaults;
add_filter('pre_update_option_mods_' . get_current_theme(),'pre_update_option_special_background_image',10,2);
function pre_update_option_special_background_image($newvalue, $oldvalue) {
    static $times_called = 0;
    if (!empty($_POST) && is_special_background_page()) {
        if ((isset($_POST['action']) && $_POST['action']=='save') || isset($_POST['reset-background']) || isset($_POST['remove-background'])) {
            switch ($times_called) {
                case 0:
                    $newvalue = special_background_image_value_swap('image',$newvalue,$oldvalue);
                case 1:
                    $newvalue = special_background_image_value_swap('image_thumb',$newvalue,$oldvalue);
        } else {
            if ($times_called==0 && isset($_POST['background-repeat'])) {
                $newvalue = special_background_image_value_swap('repeat',$newvalue,$oldvalue);
            if ($times_called==1 && isset($_POST['background-position-x'])) {
                $newvalue = special_background_image_value_swap('position_x',$newvalue,$oldvalue);
            if ($times_called==2 && isset($_POST['background-attachment'])) {
                $newvalue = special_background_image_value_swap('attachment',$newvalue,$oldvalue);
            if ($times_called==3 && isset($_POST['background-color'])) {
            $newvalue = special_background_image_value_swap('color',$newvalue,$oldvalue);
  return $newvalue;
function special_background_image_value_swap($swap_what,$newvalue,$oldvalue) {
  $newvalue["special_background_{$swap_what}"] = $newvalue["background_{$swap_what}"];
  $newvalue["background_{$swap_what}"] = $oldvalue["background_{$swap_what}"];
  return $newvalue;
function special_background_admin_page() {
  global $custom_background;
  if (is_special_background_page()) {
    global $parent_file,$submenu_file,$title;
    $parent_file = 'themes.php';
    $submenu_file = 'themes.php?page=special-background';
    $title = 'Special Background';
    require_once(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/admin-header.php');
    $html = ob_get_clean();
    $html = preg_replace('#<h2>([^<]+)</h2>#','<h2>Special Background</h2>',$html);
    echo $html;
    include(ABSPATH . 'wp-admin/admin-footer.php');
function is_special_background_page() {
  global $pagenow;
  return ($pagenow=='themes.php' &&
         isset($_GET['page']) && $_GET['page']== 'special-background');

Frankly it is too much code to explain proactively but I’ll be happy to answer specific questions.

Method 2

Technically it’s possible (so to extend the wordpress source), but not by default. So I would give the answer to no. The build-in background theme feature is for a single graphics only be default.

But if you describe a little bit more about the “2 different areas” you’re writing about, there might be something nice to suggest next to this.

Edit: Highlight for MikeSchinkel. Plugins are extending the wordpress source.

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