how to change user roles for users who doesn’t have any. (about 8000 users)

The question:

We have about 8000 users who doesn’t have any roles. we need to change them to “contributor”.
How can I change them to “contributor”?
Should I do on database? if so, which fields I need to update?


The Solutions:

Below are the methods you can try. The first solution is probably the best. Try others if the first one doesn’t work. Senior developers aren’t just copying/pasting – they read the methods carefully & apply them wisely to each case.

Method 1

You can do it by executing simple SQL query:

UPDATE wp_usermeta
   SET meta_value = 'a:1:{s:11:"contributor";b:1;}' 
 WHERE meta_key = 'wp_capabilities' 
   AND meta_value = 'a:1:{s:10:"subscriber";b:1;}'

This query will updated all subscribers to be contributors.

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