Different font size of strings in the same TextView

The question:

I have a textView inside with a number (variable) and a string, how can I give the number one size larger than the string?
the code:

TextView size = (TextView)convertView.findViewById(R.id.privarea_list_size);
if (ls.numProducts != null) {
    size.setText(ls.numProducts + " " + mContext.getString(R.string.products));

I want ls.numproducts has a size different from the rest of the text. How to do?

The Solutions:

Below are the methods you can try. The first solution is probably the best. Try others if the first one doesn’t work. Senior developers aren’t just copying/pasting – they read the methods carefully & apply them wisely to each case.

Method 1

Use a Spannable String

 String s= "Hello Everyone";
 SpannableString ss1=  new SpannableString(s);
 ss1.setSpan(new RelativeSizeSpan(2f), 0,5, 0); // set size
 ss1.setSpan(new ForegroundColorSpan(Color.RED), 0, 5, 0);// set color
 TextView tv= (TextView) findViewById(R.id.textview);

Snap shot

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You can split string using space and add span to the string you require.

 String s= "Hello Everyone";  
 String[] each = s.split(" ");

Now apply span to the string and add the same to textview.

Method 2

Just in case you’re wondering how you can set multiple different sizes in the same textview, but using an absolute size and not a relative one, you can achieve that using AbsoluteSizeSpan instead of a RelativeSizeSpan.

Just get the dimension in pixels of the desired text size

int textSize1 = getResources().getDimensionPixelSize(R.dimen.text_size_1);
int textSize2 = getResources().getDimensionPixelSize(R.dimen.text_size_2);

and then create a new AbsoluteSpan based on the text

String text1 = "Hi";
String text2 = "there";

SpannableString span1 = new SpannableString(text1);
span1.setSpan(new AbsoluteSizeSpan(textSize1), 0, text1.length(), SPAN_INCLUSIVE_INCLUSIVE);

SpannableString span2 = new SpannableString(text2);
span2.setSpan(new AbsoluteSizeSpan(textSize2), 0, text2.length(), SPAN_INCLUSIVE_INCLUSIVE);

// let's put both spans together with a separator and all
CharSequence finalText = TextUtils.concat(span1, " ", span2);

Method 3

You can get this done using html string and setting the html to Textview using
txtView.setText(Html.fromHtml("Your html string here"));

For example :

txtView.setText(Html.fromHtml("<html><body><font size=5 color=red>Hello </font> World </body><html>"));`

Method 4

Method 1

public static void increaseFontSizeForPath(Spannable spannable, String path, float increaseTime) {
    int startIndexOfPath = spannable.toString().indexOf(path);
    spannable.setSpan(new RelativeSizeSpan(increaseTime), startIndexOfPath,
            startIndexOfPath + path.length(), 0);


Utils.increaseFontSizeForPath(spannable, "big", 3); // make "big" text bigger 3 time than normal text

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Method 2

public static void setFontSizeForPath(Spannable spannable, String path, int fontSizeInPixel) {
    int startIndexOfPath = spannable.toString().indexOf(path);
    spannable.setSpan(new AbsoluteSizeSpan(fontSizeInPixel), startIndexOfPath,
            startIndexOfPath + path.length(), 0);


Utils.setFontSizeForPath(spannable, "big", (int) textView.getTextSize() + 20); // make "big" text bigger 20px than normal text

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Method 5

private SpannableStringBuilder SpannableStringBuilder(final String text, final char afterChar, final float reduceBy) {
        RelativeSizeSpan smallSizeText = new RelativeSizeSpan(reduceBy);
        SpannableStringBuilder ssBuilder = new SpannableStringBuilder(text);

        return ssBuilder;
TextView textView =view.findViewById(R.id.textview);
String s= "123456.24";
textView.setText(SpannableStringBuilder(s, '.', 0.7f));

—————- Result —————

Result :


Method 6

The best way to do that is Html without substring your text and fully dynamique
For example :

  public static String getTextSize(String text,int size) {
         return "<span style="size:"+size+"" >"+text+"</span>";


and you can use color attribut etc…
if the other hand :

size.setText(Html.fromHtml(getTextSize(ls.numProducts,100) + " " + mContext.getString(R.string.products));  

Method 7

Try spannableStringbuilder. Using this we can create string with multiple font sizes.

Method 8

I have written my own function which takes 2 strings and 1 int (text size)

The full text and the part of the text you want to change the size of it.

It returns a SpannableStringBuilder which you can use it in text view.

  public static SpannableStringBuilder setSectionOfTextSize(String text, String textToChangeSize, int size){

        SpannableStringBuilder builder=new SpannableStringBuilder();

        if(textToChangeSize.length() > 0 && !textToChangeSize.trim().equals("")){

            //for counting start/end indexes
            String testText = text.toLowerCase(Locale.US);
            String testTextToBold = textToChangeSize.toLowerCase(Locale.US);
            int startingIndex = testText.indexOf(testTextToBold);
            int endingIndex = startingIndex + testTextToBold.length();
            //for counting start/end indexes

            if(startingIndex < 0 || endingIndex <0){
                return builder.append(text);
            else if(startingIndex >= 0 && endingIndex >=0){

                builder.setSpan(new AbsoluteSizeSpan(size, true), startingIndex, endingIndex, Spannable.SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE);
            return builder.append(text);

        return builder;

Method 9

In case you want to avoid too much confusion for your translators, I’ve come up with a way to have just a placeholder in the strings, which will be handled in code.

So, supposed you have this in the strings:

    <string name="test">
        We found %1$s items]]>

And you want the placeholder text to have a different size and color, you can use this:

        val textToPutAsPlaceHolder = "123"
        val formattedStr = getString(R.string.test, "$textToPutAsPlaceHolder<bc/>")
        val placeHolderTextSize = resources.getDimensionPixelSize(R.dimen.some_text_size)
        val placeHolderTextColor = ContextCompat.getColor(this, R.color.design_default_color_primary_dark)
        val textToShow = HtmlCompat.fromHtml(formattedStr, HtmlCompat.FROM_HTML_MODE_LEGACY, null, object : Html.TagHandler {
            var start = 0
            override fun handleTag(opening: Boolean, tag: String, output: Editable, xmlReader: XMLReader) {
                when (tag) {
                    "bc" -> if (!opening) start = output.length - textToPutAsPlaceHolder.length
                    "html" -> if (!opening) {
                        output.setSpan(AbsoluteSizeSpan(placeHolderTextSize), start, start + textToPutAsPlaceHolder.length, 0)
                        output.setSpan(ForegroundColorSpan(placeHolderTextColor), start, start + textToPutAsPlaceHolder.length, 0)
        textView.text = textToShow

And the result:

enter image description here

Method 10

Utils method for kotlin lover

fun String.setFontSizeForPath(path: String, fontSizeInPixel: Int, colorCode: String = "#FF0000"): SpannableString {
    val spannable = SpannableString(this)
    val startIndexOfPath = spannable.toString().indexOf(path)
        startIndexOfPath + path.length,
        startIndexOfPath + path.length,

    return spannable


text_view.text = "A B C D".setFontSizeForPath("B",30)

Method 11

private SpannableString getFormattedText(String textToBold, String normalText, boolean boldTextFirst) {
    String result = boldTextFirst ? textToBold + normalText : normalText + textToBold;
    SpannableString str = new SpannableString(result);

    Typeface typeface = ResourcesCompat.getFont(requireContext(), R.font.product_sans_bold);
    int style = typeface != null ? typeface.getStyle() : Typeface.BOLD;

    int textToBoldStartIndex = str.toString().indexOf(textToBold);
    str.setSpan(new StyleSpan(style), textToBoldStartIndex, textToBoldStartIndex + textToBold.length(), Spannable.SPAN_EXCLUSIVE_EXCLUSIVE);

    int normalTextStartIndex = str.toString().indexOf(normalText);
    str.setSpan(new AbsoluteSizeSpan(13, true), normalTextStartIndex, normalTextStartIndex + normalText.length(), 0);
    return str;

Method 12

in kotlin do it as below by using html

HtmlCompat.fromHtml("<html><body><h1>This is Large Heading :-</h1><br>This is normal size<body></html>",HtmlCompat.FROM_HTML_MODE_LEGACY)

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