db2 applying licensing file produces two licenses

The question:

  1. I installed Db2 from fixpack v11.5.7.0 using db2_install command.
  2. I have downloaded “IBM Db2 Advanced Edition – VPC Option V11.5.6 – Activation (CC9WHML)” file from IBM Passport Advantage.
  3. I have applied license with: db2licm -a <license_file>
  4. I have checked applied license: db2licm -l and output is:
Product name:                     "DB2 Community Edition"
License type:                     "Community"
Expiry date:                      "Permanent"
Product identifier:               "db2dec"
Version information:              "11.5"
Max amount of memory (GB):        "16"
Max number of cores:              "4"
IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering:              "Not licensed"

Product name:                     "DB2 Advanced Edition"
License type:                     "Virtual Processor Core"
Expiry date:                      "Permanent"
Product identifier:               "db2adv"
Version information:              "11.5"
Enforcement policy:               "Hard Stop"
IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering:              "Not licensed"

I haven’t seen this kind of display before. Looks like two licenses are applied “Community” and “Advance” edition.


a) Is it OK that two licenses are displayed? Which one is valid, both?

b) At “Advanced” edition section what does “Enforcement policy” of “Hard Stop” relates to? Until now I have always seen only “Soft Stop”. Like I see “Advance” edition has no CPU cores limitations, so what does “Hard Stop” means at this license?

The Solutions:

Below are the methods you can try. The first solution is probably the best. Try others if the first one doesn’t work. Senior developers aren’t just copying/pasting – they read the methods carefully & apply them wisely to each case.

Method 1

I’ve noticed the same thing and I guess that the licence for the community edition is applied always, just in case. In the deploy job, I just remove that one before adding the one that I’m entitled to:

db2licm -r db2dec
db2licm -a <licence>

I don’t think it matters (but I don’t know for sure) that the community edition is there. AFAIK, there are no complaints from the compliance report:

db2licm -g <filename>

if you have both. It is however more convenient – for me – if there is one licence on each server (I collect that and other info from all servers on a regular basis and create a report out of it).

A hard stop usually means that things will stop working if you violate the licence. If you for example use any functionality from the “IBM DB2 Performance Management Offering” you probably will notice. A soft stop usually means you will get noticed of the violation, but things will continue to work.

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